Chicken Shami Kebab #SundaySupper

Happy Second Birthday Sunday Supper!I cannot believe that its two years since Sunday Supper began and since we’ve been sharing our recipes with different themes and getting together on Twitter every Sunday.I’m so inspired by all our talented chefs,cooks,writers,moms who’ve been a part of our Sunday Supper and learn from them all the time.Our group is growing each day and its just great fun to get together and cook something special for our family table.Thanks to Isabel for creating this diverse group and carrying this movement forward.Major brands are also now noticing our power and willing to work with us.Isn’t that great!

Chicken Shami Kebab

I joined Sunday Supper in May 2012 with this recipe and it has been an amazing journey.There have been many memorable moments but one stands out for me clearly and that was during Hurricane Sandy when we all got together and dedicated our posts for the people affected by it.Our neighborhood was also affected although not as badly as the coastal areas of New Jersey, but in our own way our Sunday Supper group came together to raise awareness by asking people to donate to the organizations that were helping in the rescue efforts.This shows the other side of our group where we don’t just talk about food but also help,support and care for things and events that affect out lives.

Chicken Shami Kebab 1

For this celebration I’m sharing with you all a childhood favorite made by my Dad.I’m extremely lucky to have grown in a family where special delicacies like these were a regular feature.Thanks to my Dad, I ate home cooked Biryani almost every other Sunday and Kebabs like these were served when my parents entertained (which again was pretty often).

Chicken Shami Kebab

Shami Kebab is a traditional Kebab from Awadhi Cuisine hailing from the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and was introduced by the Moghuls.Its traditionally made using Ground Goat Meat, but I’ve used Ground Chicken over here.Its differs from other kebabs in that, the meat is boiled with Split Pea Lentils (Chana Dal) along with some spices and then ground to make a paste.The paste is then mixed with egg, mint and cilantro and shaped into round patties to be fried until golden.Its definitely a dish for a special occasion and I thought it would be perfect for this celebration!

The subtle flavors from the spices,the sweetness of the mint and the smooth texture is what makes this extra special.Its succulent,its moist and its absolutely delicious.Its unlike any other Kebab that you’ve ever had and you’ve got to try it to believe.Serve it hot with my Mint Chutney!Truly a royal dish.

Chicken Shami Kebab #SundaySupper


  • Ground Chicken Thighs-2 lbs
  • Onion-1 medium chopped
  • Garlic Cloves-8-10
  • 2 inch Ginger-chopped
  • Split pea Lentils (soaked overnight)-1/2 cup
  • Coriander Seeds-2 tsp
  • Cumin Seeds-2 tsp
  • Black Peppercorns-1 tsp
  • Whole Cloves-1 tsp
  • Green Cardamom-5
  • Cinnamon-2 sticks broken in half
  • Salt-to taste
  • Water-1 cup
  • Additional ingredients
  • Eggs-2
  • Chopped Mint- 1/2 Cup
  • Chopped Cilantro-1/2 Cup
  • Oil for frying


  1. In a large pan heat about 2 tbsp of oil and add the onions and the next 10 ingredients.Bring to a boil.
  2. Reduce the heat, cover and cook until the chicken is cooked and the water has evaporated completely.
  3. Once ready discard the green cardamom and cinnamon stick.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a food processor and blend to make a paste.
  5. Empty into a deep mixing bowl and add the additional ingredients.
  6. Using your hands make small round patties.
  7. Deer fry or shallow fry in batches until golden on both sides.
  8. Serve hot with your favorite chutney.
  9. Enjoy!

This event is hosted by the lovely Liz from That Skinny Chick can Bake and we’ve got some amazing stories and recipes shared by our group!

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  1. I LOVE kebabs of any kind! those look wonderful! I want one or more right now! :) Hurricane Sandy was a real tragedy . I love that you just don’t blog about food but help other in need :) Well done!

  2. I love discovering new dishes that I have never heard of. I can’t wait to try these.
    Laura recently posted..Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Stuffed Butternut Squash #SundaySupperMy Profile

  3. These look so yummy and crispy! They would be a great Super Bowl Sunday snack!
    Laura Dembowski recently posted..Caramel Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars #SundaySupperMy Profile

  4. I’ve never had these before but I’m addicted to any Indian flavours so must give them a go really soon. Thanks so much for sharing such a special recipe.
    Jane’s Adventures in Dinner recently posted..A Winter Salad: Maple Bacon FennelMy Profile

  5. That’s amazing that Sunday Supper came through during the hard times of Hurricane Sandy – I am originally from NJ, so hearing that makes my heart happy!

    These patties sounds really good! Love that they’re made with lentils
    Shaina recently posted..Boca Restaurant Review: 101 CantinaMy Profile

  6. Your so lucky to have a great family recipe passed down from your Dad!
    Arlene @FlourOnMyFace recently posted..Email Subscribers News From the KitchenMy Profile

  7. This sounds delicious, it’s so unique!
    Sarah recently posted..Cheesy Twists for #SundaySupper ‘s Second Birthday!My Profile

  8. These look and sound fantastic! It’s been great following and getting to know you these past couple of years!
    Amy Kim (@kimchi_mom) recently posted..Spicy Shrimp Tempura Rolls #SundaySupperMy Profile

  9. These sound so delicious! What a combination of flavors!
    Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere recently posted..Spicy Roasted Squash and Wild Rice Bake #SundaySupperMy Profile

  10. These look fabulous Soni, thanks so much for sharing and for cooking along with me for #SundaySupper!!!

  11. What mouth-watering looking kebabs! A truly special recipe for sure. Thanks so much for everything you have contributed to Sunday Supper and I’m glad you have joined in with us in the past two years.
    Renee recently posted..Blue Cheese Walnut Tarts for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  12. What a lovely recipe! These little kebabs look delicious! I love how you shared this recipe that you made with your Dad :)
    Constance Smith (@FoodieArmyWife) recently posted..Pizza Dip | #SundaySupperMy Profile

  13. I think I am in heaven – now I just need to get some friends round to make these delicious kebabs! I love all the spices you’ve used!

  14. Your kebabs look delectable!

    I have loved being a part of Sunday Supper, and cooking along with everyone each week.
    Cheers to another great year!
    Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious recently posted..Day at the Beach Healthy Tuna Salad for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  15. Such a perfect day to share a family favorite, Soni! So glad I’ve gotten to know you via Sunday Supper. Thanks for all the inspiration that comes from you and your blog!

  16. Another winning chicken recipe Soni! Thanks for introducing me to your flavor combinations. Your curried chicken meatballs are one of my all time favorite dishes!
    Cindys Recipes and Writings recently posted..Imagination Stew #SundaySupper turns 2!My Profile

  17. Soni, It has been an absolutely pleasure getting to know you and watching you grow your blog. You are amazingly talented and I am thrilled that you share so many of your beautiful recipes with our Sunday Supper Family…. especially love this one!!!!

  18. Ohhh shami kebab! How did you know that I am a fan of those. =P Just joking… I can’t wait to try your recipe Soni!

  19. I’ve never heard of shamis, but they look great. Fantastic photos! I’ll have to try for myself. :)
    Jennifer B recently posted..National Curried Chicken Day | Curried Chicken for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  20. These look delectable, and oh so flavorful! I’m so intrigued to try them for myself!
    Katie recently posted..Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Pops for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  21. That is absolutely fascinating, Soni! I’ve never seen a kebab recipe where the meat is cooked then ground up before forming into balls. Bet that makes these golden morsels so tender. I can just imagine the wonderful flavors with all those spices. Yum!
    Stacy recently posted..Brioche aux Pépites de Chocolat for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  22. These look INCREDIBLE! I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to use ground chicken, this is now on the list!
    Sarah Toasty recently posted..Garlic Crusted Pork RoastMy Profile

  23. These chicken patties look mouthwatering, Soni.
    Angie@Angie’s Recipes recently posted..Chocolate Spelt CookiesMy Profile


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